Goals for Hearthstone

Since Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a game that is continually expanding I am going to set my own personal beaten and completed goals which I believe I can attain.

My Hearthstone Card Collection

My Personal Goals to Beat Hearthstone

  • ✓ Have a complete collection of normal Basic cards
  • ✓ Complete all Normal Solo Adventures and Class Challenges
  • ✓ Win at least one game in Ranked, Arena, and Tavern Brawl

My Personal Goals to Complete Hearthstone

  • Have a complete collection of normal Classic cards
  • Achieve level 60 for each Hero to have a complete collection of golden Basic cards (✓Hunter, ✓Mage)
  • Win 500 ranked games with the nine standard Heroes to gain golden versions of the Heroes
  • Defeat a Dungeon Run boss with each of the main heroes (✓Druid, ✓Rogue, ✓Warlock)

Criteria to Master Hearthstone

I will most likely never master Hearthstone as laid out by the criteria here. Unless there becomes another way to get them, I will never have any of the prepaid card backs or the additional heroes and reaching Legend Rank seems unlikely.

  • Have a complete collection of cards, card backs, and heroes
  • Reach Legend Rank at least once (previous best is Rank 14)
  • Win 12 games in one Arena run (previous best is five)
  • Complete the Heroic Solo Adventures (✓ Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers, and One Night in Karazhan)
  • Defeat a Monster Hunt boss with each of the heroes (✓ Tracker)

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