How to Organize Your Games With Grouvee

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What is Grouvee? is a website where you can catalogue, review, and organize your video game collection by adding games to virtual shelves. It uses the Giant Bomb database of games.

Adding Games to Shelves

Grouvee shelf icons

To add a game to a shelf, click on one of the five icons displayed next it. The first four icons from left to right are: Playing, Played, Wish List, and Backlog. The last icon allows you to add the game to a custom shelf. The custom shelf can be one you created earlier or a new one.

To remove a game from a shelf, click on the icon of the shelf it is on. If a game is not on any of your shelves it will not appear in your collection.

Adding and Editing Shelves

You can add shelves in three ways, from the game’s “Add to another shelf icon” or by clicking the “Add Shelf” link under your list of shelves in your games collection. The third way is through the “Edit Shelves” link.

To edit your custom shelves, click on the “Edit Shelves” link, in the same location as the “Add Shelf” link. From there you can rename, add, and delete shelves. You cannot edit the Playing, Played, Wish List, and Backlog shelves.

Additional Features of Grouvee

Importing from Steam

Grouvee allows you to quickly add your games from Steam by importing them. Once it is set up new games will be automatically imported as well.

To set up Steam importing, enter your Steam profile url in the box  under the Setting menu in Grouvee. This will add a Steam shelf to your collection.

Exporting to CSV

You can export your collection to a CSV. This can be done under the Settings menu.

Tell Me What To Play

Tell Me What To Play is a shelf specific feature, that will randomly choose a game from that shelf.

Shelf Widgets

Want to add your game collection to your website? You can use Grouvee’s shelf widgets.

To get the widget code, click on the “Widget for this shelf” link under your list of shelves, then copy the code in the box. Add the code to your website as I have done here:

allison.morris’s Playing Grouvee shelf

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