Goals for No Man’s Sky

Goals & Game Progress

No Man’s Sky is a game with no linear structure or story,  it’s gameplay is built on four pillars—exploration, survival, combat and trading. I am going to list some of the goals I have when playing.

My priorities

  1. Survival — My first task will be surviving the planet I originally started on. If the planet is harsh and I have the resources to move to another planet in the solar system, I’ll try to do that.
  2. Exploration — Next, I will explore my surroundings, cataloguing the local flora and fauna. I will also be on the lookout for structures built by intelligent life. I would very much like to learn an alien language, which will help with my next goal.
  3. Trading — While I hope to spend most of my time exploring planets, I would also like to interact with other species.
  4. Combat — I plan on doing as little combat as possible. This will probably change.

My Goals

Exploration Goals

  • Visit every continent on a planet.
  • Sink (or swim) to the bottom of an ocean.
  • Fly or walk all the way around a planet.
  • ✔Fly, jump, or walk to the top of a mountain.
  • Visit both poles of the same planet.
  • Uncover all points of interest on a single planet.
  • ✔Discover all the planets in a single solar system.
  • ✔Travel to another solar system.
  • Discover a binary system.
  • Find evidence of life on an otherwise barren planet.
  • Find a tropical paradise.
  • Swim under a waterfall.
  • Float down a river.
  • Find and explore a cave system.
  • ✔Discover a carnivorous plant.
  • ✔Discover a flying animal.
  • ✔Discover a marine animal.
  • Discover an amphibious animal.
  • Discover a dinosaur-like animal.
  • ✔Discover an ancient artefact.
  • ✔Discover an ancient ruin.
  • ✔Visit a space station.
  • Discover a portal.
  • Travel through a portal.
  • Discover at least one of all elements on the periodic table.

Other Goals

  • ✔Survive the first night.
  • Learn an alien language.
  • ✔Upgrade my suit so that it can sustain me on harsh planets.
  • ✔Upgrade my suit so that it can sustain me on the bottom of an ocean.
  • Build a base
  • Take lots of screenshots.

What do you plan on doing while playing No Man’s Sky? Let me know in the comments.

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