Turtle Power Unlocked


I unlocked the Turtle Power achievement while playing Civilization V today. I am so pleased! I didn’t think I could do it because it was so late in the game.

And then an Aztec ironclad appeared of the coast. Oh no! It’s started moving into deep ocean. I’ll move a destroyer and a frigate to try to corral it back to shore. It worked! Now how to get my two turtle ships through Aztec territory without getting destroyed. War declared! One turtle ship down! Attack their submarine with my destroyer. Buy missile cruisers. The ironclad is attacking one of my cities? It’s going to get itself killed! My last turtle ship has taken damage, I don’t have time to repair it. Missile cruisers have destroyed all other Aztec units. It’s time to move in. Ironclad stops attacking. Turtle ship is passing Aztec city – will it survive? It does! Turtle ship attacks. Turtle ship destroys ironclad!



Image source: by Junho Jung at Flickr from South Korea http://www.flickr.com/photos/phploveme/3506553414

Games Schedule Sep 2015

I have chosen a few games from my backlog I want to begin playing. Keeping in mind that I should spread out games of the same genres, this is the order I will attempt to play them:

Title Genre Hours to beat† Hours to complete† Order of play
Civilization V Strategy 1
Psychonauts Action adventure 17 31 2
Geneforge Role-playing 36 74 3
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Action adventure 22 32 4

I’ll also be playing Hearthstone and hopefully, Diablo III.

† Times from HowLongToBeat.com. Considering I have already spent 30+ hours playing Psychonauts and have only completed 41% of the achievements, it is going take me longer than suggested.

‡ I am already playing a game of Civilization V and in the final era. It should not take me very long to finish.



I have signed up for Backloggery to keep track of my game progress.

Looks interesting. You add your games and note your progress: unfinished, beaten, and completed. It can track achievements, compilations and dlc, and progress notes. It will probably work best for my PS2 and GameCube games, since they aren’t tracked by any automated system.