5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Time

When you’re finally ready to play a game you’re going to want to spend as much of that time playing as possible. And you’re going to want to make it count. Don’t waste your game time.

  1. Don’t spend time doing side quests if your goal is to complete the main story. Stay on task and save the DLC for later.
  2. Don’t waste time trying every possible combination if you’re stuck. Embrace assistance by reading an FAQ or watching a walkthrough video.
  3. Do play on easy difficulty, if you’re not in it for the challenge. You’ll get through the game faster and still be able to enjoy it.
  4. Don’t get distracted and don’t multitask. You’ll get less done and gain less enjoyment from it.
  5. Do prepare for future sessions by taking notes.

5 Guilt-Free Reasons To Purge A Game from Your Backlog

  1. The game is too difficult, even when using a guide.
  2. It’s not the game you thought it was.
  3. Technical issues are overtaking your enjoyment of the game. Bad controls, a clumsy mechanic, anything that feels more like work than a game, actual bugs or glitches.
  4. You’ve reached a level of completion that you are satisfied with, even if you didn’t finish.
  5. You’re not enjoying it. If you are feeling upset or sad when thinking about having to finish it, stop. A game should not make you have these feelings about playing it.

Beat Your Backlog Tip #2: Organize Your Games

I discussed the first step to beat your backlog is to make a list. If you used one of the services I mentioned, then you have probably already begun to organize them in some way as well.

You are going to want to organize your games to make it easier to decide which games to play and when. Some criteria to organize by are: platform, genre, level of excitement, and completion progress.

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How To Organize Your Games With How Long To Beat

What is How Long To Beat?

How Long To Beat is a  game tracking website that compares your game times to other players’. How Long To Beat uses three metrics for the time a game takes to complete: Main Story, Main Story and Extras, and Completionist. They also offer a combined time. The accuracy of these times is determined by the site’s users.

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Beat Your Backlog Tip #1: Make a List

One of the most important tips to beat your game backlog is to make a list of all of the games on your game backlog. Knowing what is in your backlog is important to keep you motivated and to keep you from making bad decisions, like buying two copies of the same game.

During this process, you may want to get rid of the games that you know you will never finish. You will also want to track your progress for each of these games.

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