Top 5 GameFAQs Features

Top 5 GameFAQs Features FAQs with bookmarks – Get help from walkthroughs and save your place. Answers – Get your questions about a game answered. Kindred Spirits – Pair up with other gamers for help and motivation. Length and difficulty stats for games submitted by users. Game Collection – import from Steam or text. Read […]

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Home page of Backlloggery website

Pros and Cons of Backloggery

The Backloggery is a game tracking website specifically designed to encourage people to play their games and get their video game backlogs under control. It does this mostly by providing a visual breakdown of their game collection. I am going to evaluate the Backloggery’s features as outlined in my article: Game Tracker Criteria To Beat […]

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How To Organize Your Games with AllMyGames

What is AllMyGames? AllMyGames is a cross-platform game collection organizing tool. It has an importing feature from four major game platforms and providers, sorting features based on platform/provider and state, integration with How Long to Beat, and basic collection statistics, all in a clean and easy-to-use interface. I was invited to their closed alpha, you can sign […]

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