December 2015 Schedule

These are the game from my backlog that I have chosen to play this month:

  1. Hearthstone (Strategy card game) – weekly Tavern Brawl and The League of Explorers
  2. Psychonauts (Action adventure) – the secret achievement for playing on 25 December, and possibly finishing the last two achievements
  3. Diablo III (maybe) – I’m finished what I want to do for the season though there is still some progress I could make or I could level up my Witch Doctor, the only character I haven’t levelled up or completed all the Acts with.
  4. Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (Action adventure)
  5. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Action RPG) – main storyline

October 2015 Update & November 2015 Schedule

This October I did play Diablo III as I said I would and I completed Chapter IV of Season 4 with a Wizard. I want to continue playing the second character I created this season, a Crusader, to complete the second “Carrying the Name” achievement. I also played some Hearthstone. Blizzard has just announced a new Adventure which will be released later this month. I will want to play Hearthstone then and also need to earn enough gold to buy each wing.

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September 2015 Schedule Update

I have finished two of my goals this month! I finished my game of Civilization V and unlocked some achievements from that, and now I have beaten Psychonauts.

I am going to try to complete Psychonauts by playing a little bit everyday. The Punchy Target mini-game needed for the I LOVE PUNCHING! achievement hurts my carpal tunnel so I can’t play it continuously.

Because of this I am considering playing a few Civ V scenarios instead of starting a new game.

Games Schedule Sep 2015

I have chosen a few games from my backlog I want to begin playing. Keeping in mind that I should spread out games of the same genres, this is the order I will attempt to play them:

Title Genre Hours to beat† Hours to complete† Order of play
Civilization V Strategy 1
Psychonauts Action adventure 17 31 2
Geneforge Role-playing 36 74 3
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Action adventure 22 32 4

I’ll also be playing Hearthstone and hopefully, Diablo III.

† Times from Considering I have already spent 30+ hours playing Psychonauts and have only completed 41% of the achievements, it is going take me longer than suggested.

‡ I am already playing a game of Civilization V and in the final era. It should not take me very long to finish.