Game Backlog Tip #5: Manage Your Game Time

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We’ve made our lists, chosen our game, and now its time to start playing. But when? Do you wait until you’re “in the mood”? I say “no”. If you’re committed to beating your game backlog, you’re going to need a schedule.

Why You Should Schedule Your Game Time

When you love a TV show, you set aside an hour or two every week to watch. When you have a book you’re enjoying, you spend some time reading before bed every night. So when you’re serious about getting through your backlog, it’s no different. It is crucial to have a set time to focus on gaming.

Depending on what your work and life already demand of you, try to make a regular commitment to your gaming. This can be any amount of time you want, from multiple hours over the course of a week to a half-hour on weekends. The point is to make it as consistent as possible so that you build the routine. It’s no different from making the habit of going to the gym or doing the dishes. It’s just a lot more fun.

When To Schedule Your Game Time

The best time to play is going to be different for everyone. Some gamers will be able to fit in a session early in the morning, some late at night, while others will only have a couple of hours on the weekend. Find out when you’re most likely to have some free time and make a commitment to spend it playing.

Don’t dramatically change your current habits for allocating gaming time. Make sure to prioritize the important stuff. When you finish your chores first, you’re play time will also be guilt-free.

Try integrating games into other parts of your life. If you’re with friends, play a multiplayer game. If you’re on the road try a mobile game. Introduce your hobby to your children. Make date night game night.

Plan Your Game Sessions

Spend a couple of minutes before or after each session making a plan about what you want to accomplish next. Consider your goals and the desired outcome from a game session.

Have your notes and a walkthrough ready for when you get stuck. Find out how much time the game will take so you can plan how much you can get through in a single game session.

Evaluate whether you’ve met your session goals and reevaluate your game goals.

Do’s and Don’ts During Your Game Time

When you’ve allocated a set time to play, you’re going to want to spend as much of that time playing as possible. And you’re going to want to make it count. Don’t waste your game time.

  1. Don’t spend time doing side quests if your goal is to complete the main story. Stay on task and save the DLC for later.
  2. Don’t waste time trying every possible combination if you’re stuck. Embrace assistance by reading an FAQ or watching a walkthrough video.
  3. Do play on easy difficulty, if you’re not in it for the challenge. You’ll get through the game faster and still be able to enjoy it.
  4. Don’t get distracted and don’t multitask. You’ll get less done and gain less enjoyment from it.
  5. Do prepare for future sessions by taking notes.

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Game Backlog Tip

  1. Make a List
  2. Organize Your Games
  3. Determine Your Own Goals
  4. Decide What to Play Next
  5. Manage Your Game Time
  6. Change Your Game Buying Habits

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