Uplink: Hacker Elite Beaten


I beat the Arunmor storyline in Uplink: Hacker Elite in June 2018.

Uplink is strategy simulation game where the player is an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing computer hacking jobs for major corporations. Tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.

Use the money you earn to upgrade your computer systems, buy new software and tools. As your experience level increases more dangerous and profitable missions become available.

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List of games to play in 2018


I have chosen 25 games I want to play for the entire year. I made great progress on my schedule last year, completing 11 out of 15.

I am going to concentrate on playing my Playstation 2 games, completing some games I’ve already started, and some that I just really want to play.

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Steam, Action-Adventure)
  2. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2, TRPG)
  3. Project Eden (PS2, Action-Adventure)
  4. The Last Express (GOG, Adventure)
  5. Geneforge (GOG, RPG/Strategy)
  6. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2, TRPG)
  7. X: Beyond The Frontier (Steam, Simulation)
  8. Uplink (GOG, Strategy)
  9. BloodRayne (PS2, Action)
  10. Crazy Taxi (PS2, Simulation)
  11. Torchlight 2 (PC, ARPG)
  12. Treasure Adventure Game (GOG, Adventure)
  13. Beyond Good & Evil (GOG/PS2, Action)
  14. Titan Quest (Steam, ARPG)
  15. StarCraft (PC, RTS)
  16. PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords (Steam, RPG/Strategy)
  17. Neverwinter Nights (GOG, RPG)
  18. Fable II (Xbox 360, Adventure/Action RPG)
  19. Death Spank (Steam, ARPG)
  20. Might & Magic X – Legacy (Steam, TRPG)
  21. Thief Gold (Steam, Action)
  22. Valhalla Classics (PC, Adventure)
  23. Darkstar One (GOG, Simulation)
  24. Overlord (Steam/Xbox 360, Action)
  25. Dishonored (Steam, Action)