Top 5 GameFAQs Features

Top 5 GameFAQs Features FAQs with bookmarks – Get help from walkthroughs and save your place. Answers – Get your questions about a game answered. Kindred Spirits – Pair up with other gamers for help and motivation. Length and difficulty stats for games submitted by users. Game Collection – import from Steam or text. Read […]

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Scoreboard with three checkboxes, all checked. photo credit: @BenEarwicker icon credit: VisualPharm

Game Backlog Tracker Criteria

This guide will outline several key areas that are important to video game collection trackers in an effort to determine what is the best video game tracker. We’re going to be looking at the following areas: adding and importing, sorting and searching, prioritizing of games, how game progress is measured, how backlog progress is shown, […]

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