How To Use GameFAQs To Beat Your Backlog

What is GameFAQs?

GameFAQs is a hub for gamers that specializes in providing game FAQs. The site has a database of over 200,000 games, with more than 20 million answers, guides, cheats, and messages.

Why Use GameFAQs to Beat Your Backlog?

Although GameFAQs does allow for tracking your collection, it’s value is in helping to plan and play your game sessions. GameFAQs has three unique features that help you do this: FAQs, Answers, and Kindred Spirits.

The FAQs on GameFAQs are divided into three categories: general, which include walkthroughs, in-depth, and maps and charts. You can bookmark an FAQ, which not only saves the FAQ for you to come back to but saves your place within the document.

If you’re stuck in a game you can ask a question and other gamers will try to answer.

Kindred Spirits are other users who have a similar game collection as you. GameFAQs rates your synchronicity with other gamers by ownership, now playing, and top-rated games. This gives you a list of users who you can reach out to with the possibility of motivating each other to complete your respective backlogs.

GameFAQs – An All-in-One Service

I consider GameFAQs an all-in-one service, that is it has many services that others do, like length and difficulty stats for games submitted by users similar to How Long To Beat, or the importing and organizing features of AllMyGames and GrouveeHowever, unlike those services, GameFAQs versions are somewhat rudimentary.

Still, if you are looking for a single service that supports your game backlog beating efforts from start to finish, GameFAQs just might be the service for you.

FAQr – The GameFAQs App

FAQr is an app on Google Play that is unaffiliated with GameFAQs but allows you to easily save and read their text-based FAQs. It saves the FAQ on your device so you don’t always have to be connected and you can easily bookmark sections to return to.

I love using it, but, unfortunately, the future of the app is uncertain, so check it out while you can.

Top 5 GameFAQs Features

  1. FAQs with bookmarks
  2. Answers
  3. Kindred Spirits
  4. Length and difficulty stats for games submitted by users
  5. Game Collection, import from Steam or text

How To Organize Your Games with AllMyGames

What is AllMyGames?

AllMyGames is a cross-platform game collection organizing tool. It has an importing feature from four major game platforms and providers, sorting features based on platform/provider and state, integration with How Long to Beat, and basic collection statistics, all in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

I was invited to their closed alpha, you can sign up on their website, Continue reading “How To Organize Your Games with AllMyGames”

Beat Your Backlog Tip #2: Organize Your Games

I discussed the first step to beat your backlog is to make a list. If you used one of the services I mentioned, then you have probably already begun to organize them in some way as well.

You are going to want to organize your games to make it easier to decide which games to play and when. Some criteria to organize by are: platform, genre, level of excitement, and completion progress.

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How To Organize Your Games With How Long To Beat

What is How Long To Beat?

How Long To Beat is a  game tracking website that compares your game times to other players’. How Long To Beat uses three metrics for the time a game takes to complete: Main Story, Main Story and Extras, and Completionist. They also offer a combined time. The accuracy of these times is determined by the site’s users.

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Beat Your Backlog Tip #1: Make a List

One of the most important tips to beat your game backlog is to make a list of all of the games on your game backlog. Knowing what is in your backlog is important to keep you motivated and to keep you from making bad decisions, like buying two copies of the same game.

During this process, you may want to get rid of the games that you know you will never finish. You will also want to track your progress for each of these games.

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