Achievements and progress in July 2017

My Game Backlog Progress

I completed Lure of the Temptress and Faery – Legends of Avalon, and beat Dragonsphere.

I found making a map of the town for Lure of the Temptress was helpful.

    WG -- MS -- CW -- AL -- CG
    |     |     |     |     |
 -- WS -- MP -- BR    |     Dungeon escape route
|   |     |     |     |
 -- SS --       MC --

AL - Apothecary Lane
BR - Blackfriar's Row
CG - Castle Gate
CW - Castle Wall
MC - Magpie Courtyard. Location of Magpie Tavern and Grub.
MP - Market Place. Location of Village Shop and Taidgh's House.
MS - Middle Street. Location of the Town Hall.
SS - Smithy Street. Location of the Forge.
WG - Weregate
WS - West Street. Location of the Severed Arms.
Faery – Legends of Avalon achievements unlocked.

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