Adding Games to My Backlog

My Game Backlog Progress

I’m adding the following games to my backlog. These are not new games. I wasn’t sure how or if I was going to track them, but I have now decided I will try.

  • The Beatles: Rock Band
  • Just Dance 2
  • Kinect Adventures!
  • Lips
  • Lips: Number One Hits
  • Lips: Party Classics
  • Wii Fit
  • Wii Fit Plus
  • Wii Sports

Also, I found some old PC games that I got from cereal boxes. The board and card games, I have probably played at least once, but I don’t think I tried the Atari games. I don’t know if these still work. I’ll check before adding them to my backlog.

  • Atari 80 Classic Games in One
  • Boogle
  • Clue
  • Game of Life
  • Milton Bradley Board Games
  • Monopoly
  • Parker Brothers Classic Cards Games
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
  • Scrabble (two copies)
  • Sorry!
  • Yahtzee

As I write this, I realize I should have another game, Fast Food Tycoon (Pizza Syndicate), but I can’t find the box with the CD.

I also have Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and PGA Tour: The Monterey Courses, neither of which I have any interest in.

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