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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

The Adventures of Alysin in Baldur’s Gate, where Alysin and her party encounter Drizzt.


From Beregost, we headed back out to deal with the half-ogres for Bjornin.

We fight our way through skeletons, gibberlings, and flinds in the worsening weather, until we come across a stranger in need. It was Drizzt! and he was surrounded by gnolls. We helped him fight them off and well … he wasn’t very grateful.

We finally find some of the ogres who injured Bjornin. I was struck by lightning but it didn’t seem to do any permanent damage. I tamed a wild dog but the charm wore off during a fight with gnolls.

Teyngan, his girl, Jemby, and the ugly one, Zekar, tried to rob us. It was a hard fight and we lost Minsc. We rushed back to the Song of the Morning Temple to have him revived.


After a rest in Beregost, we headed out again in search of the half-ogres. We stopped at High Hedge and met Kivan. He wanted to join us, but we have everyone we need.

In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough I will finally kill those half-ogres.

What do you think of my walkthrough of this game? Do you have any tips for me? Please leave a comment.

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