Baldur’s Gate: Dryads and Dead Cats

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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

The Adventures of Alysin in Baldur’s Gate, where Alysin and her party help a Dryad and get rid of a dead cat.

Dryads and Dead Cats

We tried exploring more of the area around the temple. Hobgoblins tried to rob us. I never surrender to hobgoblins!

We headed southwest, near Nashkel.

Gnolls stopped us, demanding tribute. When we told them we had no money, their leader challenged our best champion to a duel. We won the duel and they let us pass.

We found a cave under Cloudpeak Mountain.

Dryad and Treasure Hunters
Dryad and Treasure Hunters

A dryad asked for help with two treasure hunters wanting to defile an ancient oak. The treasure hunters thought there was treasure in it. I couldn’t talk them out of it.

We found Drienne by the waterfall, crying about her cat. We told her the sad fact that it had died. At least it will get a proper funeral instead of being carried around by a bunch of adventurers.

Drienne cries over her lost cat

On the way back to Nashkel, we talked to Edwin, a wizard who claimed Dynaheir was not to be trusted. This worries me, as I did not fully trust the story she gave when we found her in the Gnoll Stronghold. We asked Edwin to explain is reasons for not trusting her but he wouldn’t elaborate. He also expressed his bigotry of her. The whole situation is fishy to me.

In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough we’ll find Prism the artist.

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Dryads and Dead Cats

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