Baldur’s Gate: Exploring Ulcaster

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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

The Adventures of Alysin in Baldur’s Gate, where Alysin and her party explore Ulcaster while searching for the bandit camp.

Exploring Ulcaster

We had information about where the bandit’s were going to be, but I realized I had no idea where those places were. We needed to explore the area.

From Beregost, we headed east to Ulcaster.

Furret tries to sell me a magical gem. He claimed it was a gem of trueseeing but would only sell it for 1000 gold. We declined.

We learned from Messenger Wilco that Amn and Baldur’s Gate are blaming each other for the bandits’ raids. We must stop this!

We head back to town for a rest and to resupply. We’ve failed in our search for the bandit camp, for now. Minsc is now level 3.

In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough we’ll head back to Ulcaster and keep looking for the bandits.

What do you think of my walkthrough of this game? Do you have any tips for me? Please leave a comment.

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Exploring Ulcaster

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