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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

The Adventures of Alysin in Baldur’s Gate has her and her party help an apprentice mage at High Hedge.

High Hedge

We made our way southwest to find Bassilus or those half-ogres Bjornin wanted us to take care of. Instead, we met a talking chicken! Actually, it was Melicamp, apprentice to Thalantyr of High Hedge. He had accidentally transformed himself into a chicken and asked us to change him back if we could. We couldn’t so the next thing we did was take him to Thalantyr in hopes he would help.

Outside High Hedge, we a thief, Permidion Stark, who told us he was going to rob the place but that the mage at High Hedge had two hideous flesh monsters guarding him. And then he talked himself out of the job.

When we got to High Hedge, Thalantyr didn’t want to hear us out but we convinced him to help Melicamp. The process to change Melicamp back to human was dangerous but with our help, Thalantyr was able to do it.


In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough I will deal with Bassilus.

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High Hedge

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