Baldur’s Gate: Song of the Morning Temple

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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

The Adventures of Alysin in Baldur’s Gate has her and her party visit the Song of the Morning Temple.

Song of the Morning Temple

Back in Beregost, Imoen briefly talked to Gerard Travenhurst and then stole a wand of lightning from his house.

Feeling guilty, we headed to the  Temple east of Beregost.

Keldath Ormlyr, a priest of Lathander at the Song of the Morning Temple warned me about Bassilus, a mad priest who roams the wilderness and murders innocents.

Outside the temple, we met a drunk who tried to scare us into giving him our money by claiming to be a lich. In the end, he seemed to be all bluster. But if he really is a lich…we should keep an eye on him.

We also ran into some hobgoblins and Minsc died. It was a good thing the temple was so close and we were able to bring him back from the dead.

We bumped into Ashen from Waterdeep and Galileus the Astrologer. Galileus wouldn’t say what he saw only that “Conflicts of great significance are on the horizon”.

After a long day fighting hobgoblins, dread wolves, and war dogs, we headed back to Beregost for a rest.

In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough I will visit the mage at High Hedge on my way to find Bassilus.

What do you think of my walkthrough of this game? Do you have any tips for me? Please leave a comment.

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Song of the Morning Temple

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