Baldur’s Gate: The Nashkel Mines

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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

On the way to Nashkel Mines we were waylaid by Xvarts. At the mines, we talked to Emerson, and he let us go in to investigate.

In the mines, we talked to some of the miners. They related stories of the horrific creatures they saw and the conditions they worked in.

Xvart ambush

Soon we encountered Kobolds in the mine. On the body of a kobold we found a vial of mysterious liquid.

We continued to travel down into the mine until we came to a cavern with a peninsula on a lake. We went inside a cave on the peninsula and met Mulahey, the Half-Orc behind the iron contamination of the Nashkel Mines.

Mulaheys Lair

He and his minions are a hard fight. We defeat him, but not without suffering some casualties.


We also met Xan, who was much more friendly if a bit pessimistic. He decided to join us.

When we returned to Nashkel, Montaron was resurrected at the Temple of Helm. Outside of the Nashkel Store, we were attacked by Nimbul. He wasn’t the usual bounty hunter.

Baldur’s Gate Mini-Review

😖 Some of those battles in the mine were really hard. Many times ended with a TPK. In the end, I left Xvar’s body behind so I could add Xan to the party.

When I was in town between delves I should have bought more healing potions and darts and rested again before meeting Mulahey. At one point it looks like I was thinking of doing that but then changed my mind.

Do you have any tips for playing Baldur’s Gate? Leave them in the comments.

Alysin and Imoen leveled up, they’re now at level 2. Alysin also gained the special ability, Cure Light Wounds.

Notes for next session:

  • I forgot to find Kylee and return their dagger. Xan has it equipped.
  • I also left some loot down there. Maybe I can pick it up.
  • Equip Jaheira and Montaron with darts
  • Buy healing potions
  • Dual Class for Imoen?
  • Joseph’s Greenstone Ring
  • Add a spell to Jaheira list of memorized spells (from Ring of Holiness)

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