Baldur’s Gate: To the Gnoll Stronghold, Part 1

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Baldur’s Gate Walkthrough Recap

Back in Nashkel, after our adventures at the Carnival, we decided to help Minsc rescue Dynaheir. We said goodbye to Montaron – truthfully he was aggravating some of the other party members and becoming dangerous.


We headed west to the Cloud Peak Mountains, where we fought of Skeletons, Xvarts, and Kobolds. We met some less hostile persons as well. A “boy” named Albert wanted help finding his “dog”.

We seemed to have angered someone named Vax, who tried to rob us. He and his companion, Zal, forced us to kill them.

Imoen leveled up. She is now level 3.

We found Rufie, Albert’s dog and returned it to him, but I don’t think Albert was a boy or that Rufie was a dog.

Albert and Rufie
Albert and Rufie reunited

In the next session of my Baldur’s Gate walkthrough I will continue to help Minsc rescue Dynaheir.

Watch my Baldur’s Gate video walkthrough

To the Gnoll Stronghold, Part 1

Finding Rufie

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