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Featuring an engaging character, a variety of puzzles, and colourful scenes, Chuchel is another hit for Amanita Design.

Title: Chuchel
Platform: PC
How Long To Beat: 2.5 hours
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

Chuchel Review

Chuchel is a puzzle game by Amanita Design. The player guides Chuchel, a furry ball of hair, through a series of trials to earn a cherry. Like other games by the designer, there is little dialogue in the game, instructions are shown pictorially.

The puzzles vary in difficulty wildly. Some are very simplistic and easy (level 3 – Up a tree), some encourage experimentation (level 20 – Alien Invader), while others require thought and planning (level 18 – Three Caps). While some of the puzzles are very simplistic, each showcases Chuchel’s personality and emotions.

If you are having difficulty, after a certain point, a sign with a question mark will be inserted into the scene, allowing you to click on it for information on how to complete the puzzle.

The overall story is intriguing and at times heart-warming, however, most of the story focuses on Chuchel trying to get a cherry back from his adversary, Kekel which is a bit repetitive. It becomes intriguing with the introduction of the mysterious hand from above that seems to be tormenting both of them. Although rivals, Chuchel and Kekel do appear to have affection for one another and in the end, this causes Chuchel and Kekel to team up against there mutual foe.

Chuchel does have a few annoyances. The game features several extended cutscenes that are not skippable. Also, in the late game (long after a tutorial would be needed) some of the scenes are very simplistic. For example, level 26, the only interactive object in the scene is a light switch. All that is required of the player is to click on it several times.

While Chuchel stumbles a bit in its story and puzzle difficulty, it’s characterization and character growth make it is none the less a great game.

Chuchel Gameplay Videos

Gameplay videos of all 30 levels of Chuchel including achievements.

Chuchel Walkthrough Part 1 — Levels 1 to 5
Chuchel Walkthrough Part 2 — Levels 6 to 10
Chuchel Walkthrough Part 3 — Levels 11 to 15
Chuchel Walkthrough Part 4 — Levels 16 to 20
Chuchel Walkthrough Part 5 — Levels 21 to 25
Chuchel Walkthrough Part 6 — Levels 26 to 30

Have you played Chuchel? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments.

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