December 2018 Backloggery Status

My Game Backlog Progress

A quarterly review of my game backlog progress. Progress is still slow. I am going to concentrate on beating, not completing, some of the longer games for now.

Unfinished, beaten, and complete status on Backloggery for December 2018.

Progress since last quarter

Since September 2018 I completed Geneforge and beat Torchlight II. I also got three new games: SOMA, Shadow Warrior 2, and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

Unfinished games: 136 to 137 (⬆)
Beaten games: 25 to 26 (⬆)
Completed games: 58 to 59 (⬆)

Yearly progress – Total games completed

Completed games in December 2018: 59 (⬆4)
Completed games in December 2017: 55 (⬆10)
Completed games in December 2016: 45(⬆28)
Completed games in December 2015: 17

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