Spreadsheet of games color coded by easy to very hard

Find Easy and Short Games in Your Backlog – A Spreadsheet

Game Backlog Trackers

Use this spreadsheet to organize your game backlog by difficulty and length, and help you decide what game to play next, for fast and easy completions.

💾 Find Easy and Short Games – A Spreadsheet on Google Sheets.


  • Find fast and easy games to play next.
  • Sort games by difficulty or length.
  • Color code games by difficulty.
  • Filter games by genre and platform.
  • Uses HowLongToBeat.com to determine game lengths.
  • Uses TrueGaming to determine difficulty.

Requires a Google Drive account, an account at HowLongToBeat.com and at least one TrueGaming account.

TrueGaming Sites

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