Five Games Purged From My Backlog in April 2021

My Game Backlog Progress

I made progress in Subnautica and Solitairica and purged five other games in April 2021.

Each month I review my progress through my game backlog. This helps me to stay motivated and allows me to make short-term goals.

Backlog Changes 📉📈

I added five games to my backlog: Deponia: The Complete Journey, The First Tree, Hand of Fate 2, Tales of the Neon Sea, and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. Though, I already purged Hand of Fate 2.

I purged a total of five games from my backlog. As well as Hand of Fate 2, I purged: Spacebase DF-9, Crashlands, This War of Mine, and Kingdom: New Lands.

The Purges 🗑

Spacebase DF-9: When I first bought this game I had a difficult time with it but I wanted to give it another shot. With some guidance, I was able to get further in the game. Even though I wasn’t able to finish it, I am satisfied with how far I got.

Crashlands: I found the combat in this too hard.

This War of Mine: I knew when I got this I probably wasn’t going to finish it. I found the gameplay boring and the story or atmosphere didn’t compel me to explore more.

Kingdom: New Lands: I found the gameplay boring. It was like a tower defense idle clicker, two genres I hate.

Hand of Fate 2: In a sense, this was not the game I thought it was. At first, I thought this was a card game, but upon watching a video, I realized it had some real-time combat, which I was absolutely not interested in. When I played it though, the card game aspect is nearly non-existent and not in a way that I was interested in.

Progress & Milestones 🏆

I unlocked 6 trophies in Subnautica. I completed my TrueTrophies goal for April 2021.

What to Play Next

I am going to continue playing Solitarica and Subnautical in May 2021. I also started playing Dark Quest and The Talos Principle. If I get them done early I might move on to The Guild and Darwinia from my list of games I want to play in 2021.

What were your game backlog accomplishments this month? What commitments have you made for next month? Let me know in the comments.

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