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Game Backlog Tip #1: Make a List

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One of the most important tips to beat your game backlog is to make a list of all of the games on your game backlog. Knowing what is in your backlog is important to keep you motivated and to keep you from making bad decisions, like buying more than one copy of the same game.

During this process, you should get rid of the games that you know you will never finish. You may also want to track your progress for each of these games.

Tools For Tracking Your Game Backlog Progress

Depending on the size of your collection and the number of details you want to track, there are several options on how to track your game backlog.

TrueGaming is a network of sites that track your game achievements. it is also great for making short-term goals. See my articles on How To Use TrueGaming To Beat Your Backlog and the Pros and Cons of TrueGaming.

Not sure which one is for you, check out my article on How to Choose a Game Backlog Tracker.

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Game Backlog Tip

  1. Make a List
  2. Organize Your Games
  3. Determine Your Own Goals
  4. Decide What to Play Next
  5. Manage Your Game Time
  6. Change Your Game Buying Habits

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13 thoughts on “Game Backlog Tip #1: Make a List

  1. Hey Allison! It’s Serge, the editor-in-chief of RAWG. I sent your an email but it failed to deliver (I think the one on the About me page doesn’t work).
    I just discovered your blog this weekend and I think I read all your notes and advice. Great stuff, I love your obsession (in a good sense) with the backlog and how you tackle it.
    I also couldn’t help but let you know that we are developing a project that might be interesting for you. Check out RAWG, it’s basically a fancier version of Backloggery/Grouvee with a lot more features and it also has the largest games database out there. Let me know what you think!

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