Game Backlog Tip #2: Organize Your Games

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I discussed the first step to beat your backlog is to make a list. If you used one of the services I mentioned, then you have probably already begun to organize them in some way as well.

Why Organize Your Games? You are going to want to organize your games to make it easier to decide which games to play and when. Some criteria to organize by are: platform, genre, level of excitement, and how easy or quick they are to complete.

How To Organize Your Games

Organize Your Games By Platform or Service. The best reason to organize by platform or service allows you to know where the copies of your games are. And you can plan to play several games on an old console that you may need to borrow, rent, or lug out of storage to make it worth it.

Organizing by platform, may also tell you what platform(s) you prefer. Or conversely, if you have a lot of games for a platform that you never play, maybe you should stop buying games for that platform.

Organize Your Games By Genres. It can become tedious playing games of a similar style too close together. By organizing your games by genre you can plan to avoid this. Genres often say a lot about how long they are and organizing games by length is also useful.

Organize Your Games By Excitement. This is an easy one. You are more likely going to want to play games that you are excited about. But be careful that you don’t pick from this category exclusively, you may be ignoring games that you could complete faster. But remember to be mindful of your buying habits.

Organize Your Games By Completeness. This is a fairly easy category, too. Picking games that are almost complete will usually be faster to complete than starting a game from scratch.

Organize Your Games By Length. Organizing your games by length will also help you pick games that will be easy and fast to complete.

Tools to Organize Your Games

If you need help organizing your games there are several online game tracking services that can help. To find the right one for you you can use this chart here. I have written articles on how to organize your games using several of these services you can find them here. All of these clients or services allow you to sort or filter by the four categories of organization mentioned above.

If none of those options suit you, take look at these game backlog spreadsheets.

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Game Backlog Tip

  1. Make a List
  2. Organize Your Games
  3. Determine Your Own Goals
  4. Decide What to Play Next
  5. Manage Your Game Time
  6. Change Your Game Buying Habits

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