Game Backlog Tip #6: Change Your Game Buying Habits

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Now that we’ve begun whittling away at our backlog, it’s important to keep it from growing out of control again. Here is a list of habits to change to prevent your backlog from growing.

New Game As Reward

One of the easiest habits to change in terms of keeping your game backlog from growing is to stop all purchases of games. If you feel there are some games that you must have, consider buying a new game as an incentive for completing a game or games on your backlog.

Or don’t buy a new game unless you’re going to play it right away. That way it doesn’t make it onto your backlog at all.

Don’t Buy Games You Won’t Play

In the past buying games could be a risk. Often we wouldn’t know how good a game is or how much we would like it until we sat down and played it. But now we have lots of avenues to explore a game before we buy: demos, live streams, and reviews. It’s important to do some research before you buy to avoid being disappointed.

Game bundles can be tempting. The money you spend goes to indie developers and charity, and you get a bunch of interesting games. But maybe you’re not interested in some of the games in the bundle; they’re just not your jam. Perhaps your money could be better spent by buying only the games you want and donating some money to the charity directly.

Avoid Time-Consuming Games

Avoiding time-consuming games may be a hard one for some gamers, as it excludes almost entire genres. Personally, some of the most fun I’ve had working on my own backlog have been playing the games that took only a couple of hours to complete.

Next time you’re making a game purchase, consider how much time you are willing to spend to play the game and check how long it took others to beat at

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Game Backlog Tip

  1. Make a List
  2. Organize Your Games
  3. Determine Your Own Goals
  4. Decide What to Play Next
  5. Manage Your Game Time
  6. Change Your Game Buying Habits

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