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Game Backlog Tracker Criteria

Game Backlog Trackers

This guide will outline several key areas that are important to video game collection trackers in an effort to determine what is the best video game tracker. We’re going to be looking at the following areas: adding and importing, sorting and searching, prioritizing of games, how game progress is measured, how backlog progress is shown, and how well the system provides help for individual games and encourages completion of the game backlog.

Each video game tracker will be given a rating out of five (5) in each area based on the criteria. The ratings equate to the following values: Excellent (5), Good (4), Adequate (3), Limited or Minimal (2), Unsatisfactory or Nonexistent (1).

Adding And Importing

The adding and importing refers to how games from your collection are added to the video game tracker. Video game trackers will be rated on their ease of use, whether they can import and sync directly from and with other accounts, if they support batch functions, or if games must be added individually and/or manually.

They are also rated on their scope.

Sorting And Searching

The sorting and searching criterion refers to the number of and usefulness of categories that are provided for sorting a video game collection, whether users can create their own categories, and how well these categories can be searched and filtered.

Prioritizing Of Games

The prioritizing of games criterion focuses on a game backlog specifically and refers to whether it allows the backlog to be ordered, i.e. prioritizing games to indicate what to play next, and how easy it is to use.

Game Progress Statistics

This criterion looks at the progress through a video game; how it is measured, whether the game tracker uses hours spent, achievements or trophies, or leaves it up to the player.

Game Backlog Statistics

This criterion evaluates how backlog progress is shown, i.e. how many games are complete and unfinished. This will look at what information is gathered, how it is displayed, how relevant that information is, and how prominent it is.

Help & Encouragement

The help and encouragement area looks at how well the system provides help for individual games and encourages completion of the game backlog. This could be by giving out badges or by connecting to other users.

Over the next months, My Game Backlog Progress will be evaluating several game services with these criteria in mind. Is there anything not on this list that you would like to see evaluated? Let me know in the comments below.

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