Games I want to play in 2021

My Game Backlog Progress

I have chosen 20 games from my backlog that I want to play in 2021. I completed 8 games out of 12 on my list last year and two games on my hope-to-complete list.

My goals for the year are

  • to beat at least 12 games (~ one per month) and to remove at least a total of 25 games from my backlog;
  • that the majority of the games removed from my backlog are on the following list; and
  • to complete three TrueGaming goals (one for each console), the criteria of each goal to be determined at the time of creation.

Games to beat in 2021

  1. ✓Magic: Duels (1 achievement left at 92%, Steam, Card Game)
    ✓📢 Activate TrueSteamAchievements Goal
  2. ✓Life is Strange (~18 hours, Steam, Adventure)
  3. ✓Two Point Hospital (~122 hours, Steam, Simulation)
  4. ✓Dishonoured (~34 hours, Steam, Action)
  5. Torchlight (~44 hours, Steam, ARPG)
  6. Torchlight II (~66 hours, Steam, ARPG)
  7. ✓Spacebase DF-9 (~2 hours, Steam, Simulation, Strategy)
    ✓📢 Activate TrueTrophies Goal
  8. ✓Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (~130 hours, PS4, Role-Playing)
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn (~ 34 hr, PS4, Action-Adventure)
  10. ✓Journey (~2 hr, PS4, Adventure)
  11. Alan Wake (~11 hours, Epic Games, Action)
  12. ✓The Guild (~67 hours, GOG, Simulation, Strategy)
    📢 Activate TrueAchievements Goal
  13. Halo III (~9 hours, Xbox 360, Shooter)
  14. The Gunstringer (~6 hours, Xbox 360, Shooter)
  15. StarCraft: Brood War (~20 hours, Battle.Net, Real-Time Strategy)
  16. ✓ABZÛ (~2 hours, Epic Games, Action-Adventure)
  17. Darwinia (~13 hours, GOG, Real-Time Strategy)
  18. ✓Dark Quest (~2 hours, Steam, Role-Playing, Strategy)
  19. ✓Toonstruck (~7 hours, GOG, Adventure)
  20. Knights and Merchants (~36 hours, GOG, Real-Time Strategy)

I am hoping to whittle away at some of these over this year.

  • No Man’s Sky
  • Portal
  • Magicka
  • Divinity: Original Sin II
  • Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
  • A Short Hike

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