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Here’s another tip from Erik Norris:

“Take a break from your MMO or Multiplayer game of choice.

It’s a fact that MMOs and multiplayer games (Modern Warfare) can eat up a lot of your gaming time. If you’re staring at a stack of top-rated single or co-op games and you just can’t get them in the disc drive, then maybe it’s time to take a break from your clan. Don’t worry, your friends will still be there in a week or two. Sure, your sniping skills might suffer from a couple days on recovery. Nevertheless, taking a break from a repetitious multiplayer game can help you to break from some bad habits while letting you try out a whole new game at the same time.”

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I found when I first started this blog, I was falling into this trap — playing the same games over and over and not making much progress.

So I am implementing some new rules:

  • I will only play the weekly Hearthstone Tavern Brawl on Wednesdays and then ranked mode until I have at least one empty slot for a daily quest.
  • If I’m going to play an MMO, choose only one for the month.

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