Gloria’s Theater Complete – Phantom Boss Defeated

My Game Backlog Progress

Today I finished the Catwalks of Gloria’s Theater and defeated the Phantom boss in Psychonauts.

I needed a little help figuring out where to put the candles in the boss fight and how to get to the catwalk where the spotlights were. It took me a couple tries before I got it, but I did!

Psychonauts You're All So Kind achievement
Psychonauts You’re All So Kind achievement

Helpful Videos for the Catwalks and Phantom Boss Fight

Warning: Videos may contain light swearing.

Caretaker Plays – Psychonauts 100% Playthrough/Guide Pt. 35 plays through the entire Catwalks section of Gloria’s Theater

Caretaker Plays – Psychonauts 100% Playthrough/Guide Pt. 36 shows the boss fight

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