Half-Life & Half-Life 2 Review

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Valve offered Half-Life and Half-Life 2 for free until the end of March 2020, so decided to check them out with mixed results.


Title: Half-Life
Platform: PC
Where to buy: Steam
How Long To Beat: 15 hours (HLTB 12 to 15 hours)
Rating: ⭐⭐

I did not like Half-Life. I am not a fan of shooters or platformers and even with god mode enabled, I found it frustrating. I did enjoy some of the other puzzles and alien landscapes.

Half-Life 2

Title: Half-Life 2
Platform: PC
Where to buy: Steam
How Long To Beat: 25 hours (HLTB 13 to 20 hours)
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐½

I am enjoying Half-Life 2 more than Half-Life. ‘Water Hazard’ was my favourite level. Half-Life 2 had much more variety in landscapes and activities, even though it was still very much a shooter. Two of my favourite puzzles were in the ‘Water Hazard’ level. But just being able to ride around in a hover boat and then later the buggy, or having a squad follow you around was a nice change.

One of my most frustrating moments in both games was getting on and off ladders. Positioning yourself just right to get on and then getting stuck trying to get off. Or sometimes you would miss the ladder completely and fall down. This would happen constantly in Ocarina of Time as well.

The only thing Dr. Breen and I agree on is our incredulity at how Freeman, a theoretical physicist with no covert training, is able to elude capture.

I enjoyed Half-Life 2 enough that I’m glad I played it but I probably won’t be playing another shooter anytime soon.

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