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When you are first starting to beat your backlog you are going to want to track your game progress. You could use a pencil and paper, but there are several great online services that can help you, and even make it fun.

The Game Tracking Services

I am going to look at six game-tracking services: AllMyGames, Backloggery, GameFAQs, Grouveee, HowLongToBeat, and TrueGaming.

What is important?

Next, we want to determine what is important for you in a game-tracking service. Answer each of these questions with a Yes or No. You can also use the flowchart.

  1. Do you like to be super organized?
  2. Do you care to know the length of a game?
  3. Do you have a long list?
  4. Do you have mostly Steam games or games on newer consoles?
  5. Do you care about trophies and achievements?
  6. Do you care about guides or playing with others?

Choosing a Game Tracking Service

If you answered Yes to:

Question 1. Use Grouvee. It has the most flexibility when it comes to organizing. Read more about how well Grouvee performs.

Questions 1 and 6. Use GameFAQs. It is also very flexible and has features to connect gamers based on their game collection, and of course, has many game faqs.

Question 2. Use HowLongToBeat. It has the best statistics regarding the length of games.

Questions 3 and 4. Use AllMyGames. It easily imports from newer game systems.

Questions 3, 4, 5, and 6. Use TrueGaming. It imports collections and tracks achievement and trophies on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Steam, allows user-submitted guides, and helps users connect for multiplayer experiences.

None of the questions. Backloggery is the best system for tracking and focusing on making progress through your backlog. Read this article to learn why.

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