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How to Manage Your Game Collection With TrueGaming

Game Backlog Trackers

Why Manage Your Game Collection?

We want to clean up our collection so that we can see what is on our backlog (Tip #1: Make a List) and use the list to help us decide what to play next.

If you are like me, you are going to have some games in your collection that you no longer have or are not playing anymore. That’s where managing your collection comes in. Here’s how to remove games from your game collection and what game details you can edit on TrueGaming.

Why Use TrueGaming?

TrueGaming has several features that can help you beat your backlog. TrueGaming also keeps track of your collection, if your game collection is on one of the three platforms it supports. Read How To Use TrueGaming To Beat Your Backlog for more details.

How Do I Remove A Game From My Collection?

To remove a game completely from your collection, go to the game’s page and click the Game Action button below the game image. Then click ‘Remove from my Game Collection’.

Some games don’t have this option. So we are going to have to edit their game details.

What Game Details Can I Edit?

The three game details are ownership, media, and play status. The values that can be set are indicated in the following table. Depending on your platform, you may have access to other values; these are the most relevant.

Ownership values

Owned, No longer have, Ordered, Trial

Media values

Disc, Digital, Disc & Digital

Play Status values

Playing now, Starting soon, On hold, Backlog, Done with, Hidden

View and Filter – Edit Options

How Do I Edit Game Details?

There are two edit modes to edit the game details of your games collection: single edit and multi edit. You can find both of these options in the Edit Options section in the View and Filter drop-down menu in your game collection.

Edit button

To use single edit, simply click the Edit button beside a game and then edit the three details. If you don’t see the button try scrolling to the right.

My TrueSteamAchievements Game Collection with 'View and Filter', 'Edit values' and checkboxes highlighted.
My TrueSteamAchievements Game Collection with ‘View and Filter’, ‘Edit values’ and checkboxes highlighted.

How To Use Multi Edit?

To edit multiple games, you’re going to want to use Multi Edit. To enter Multi Edit mode, click the View and Filter button and select Multi Edit from the menu.

Once in Multi Edit mode, you should see checkmarks to the right of each game on the current page. Click the checkbox on the title bar to select all games on the page, and again to deselect all games. Otherwise, check the boxes beside the games you want to change to the same value(s).

When you are finished selecting all of the games you want, click the ‘Edit values’ button at the top and then change the value(s) for the selected games. The values should be changed immediately.

Repeat for each page of your game collection.

Now that we have a clean game collection we can start analyzing it to make it easier to decide what to play next.

How Do I Use TrueGaming To Manage My Game Collection?

I use TrueGaming to display games on my backlog. To do this I use Multi Edit to set the play status of every game I want on my backlog to “Backlog”.

I like to sort my game collection by difficulty, i.e. Site Ratio. To do this set the following “View and Filters” (filters may vary by site) for Sorting your Game Backlog by Difficulty.

  1. Switch view from Image view to List view, if necessary.
  2. Sort by Site ratio
  3. (Optional) Set Ownership to Owned, or check ‘Exclude not owned‘
  4. (Optional) Set Play status to Playing now, Backlog
  5. (Optional) Set Completion to Incomplete
  6. (Optional) Set Categories to SteamAchievements (This might omit some games. Unset it if you think there are games missing.)
  7. Check the following Columns: Title image, Title name, Achievements, Site ratio
  8. (Optional) Click the disk icon next to “Page view” to save these settings.

Want to find easy and short games in your backlog? Use this spreadsheet to organize your game backlog by difficulty and length, and help you decide what game to play next, for fast and easy completions.

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