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What is AllMyGames?

AllMyGames is a cross-platform game collection organizing tool. It has an importing feature from four major game platforms and providers, sorting features based on platform/provider and state, integration with How Long to Beat, and basic collection statistics, all in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

I was invited to their closed alpha, you can sign up on their website,

Adding Games to AllMyGames

AllMyGames allows you to connect with your Xbox Live, PSN, Steam and GOG accounts to automatically import your game libraries. You can add or manage them from your profile. You may have to change the privacy settings on some of your accounts. Where this was necessary the tool gave instructions.

Adding games manually is also incredibly easy and you can do a bunch at a time. You can choose to add a game to your collection or your wishlist.

Filtering Games in AllMyGames

There are three ways to filter games in AllMyGames. You can choose to display your entire collection, your backlog, or wishlist. Any games that you have categorized as on your backlog or wishlist will be listed in those respective categories.

Within those three major categories, you can also filter by platform/provider, state, and genre from three lists of checkboxes on the left-hand side, as well as Favorites. There is also a fourth list for “hidden” games. You will be able to filter by any of the providers you added when first importing your libraries or “other” if you added any manually.

The state categories are: Might Play, Paused, Backlog, Playing, Completed, Won’t Play, and Abandoned.

The third way to filter your games is by doing a search.

Categorizing Your Games with AllMyGames

Your games are automatically categorized by platform/provider when you import them. You can further categorize them by the state categories: Might Play, Paused, Backlog, Playing, Completed, Won’t Play, and Abandoned, or by favoriting them.

To mark a game as a Favorite, click the outline of a heart above the game, it will turn opaque. ❤ Click it again to unfavorite it.

Games are automatically in the Might Play category when first added to your collection. You can change games to a different state category in one of two ways. First, you can click on an individual game and select an option from a drop-down menu.

The second way is best if you want to change a lot of games at once, like when you import your collection. To do so, click on the link that reads “select”, on the left-hand side, below the Add Games button and above the search box. Once you do that you will see a small circle appear over the thumbnail for each of your games. Click on the games you want and then a drop-down menu will appear with the option to change the state category for the selected games. You can also favorite or unfavorite games this way.

I used the Won’t Play category for MMOs and similar games since I am not including those in my backlog mission. I hid games that I no longer have or duplicates of games I have.

Removing and Hiding Games from AllMyGames

Games that you add manually can be removed, however, games that are imported cannot be removed they can only be hidden. The process to remove or hide a game is the same. Open the game details page for the game you want to remove and click on “remove game”. A dialogue will ask if you are sure, click yes or cancel. Hidden games can be found under the hidden games category with other games in their state category and can be unhidden.

Sorting and Ordering your Backlog

You can sort your collection by name or release date or you can manually order your backlog.

A somewhat unique feature that AllMyGames has is the ability to order your backlog. You can do this from the Backlog page by clicking on the up or down arrow next to a game. Or it can be done by editing the number in the text box.


The statistics that AllMyGames provides are pretty basic. It tells you how many games you have in your library, how many games are in your backlog, how many you have completed, and how many you are playing.

Pros of AllMyGames

The best thing about AllMyGames is their import feature. Unlike How Long to Beat and Grouvee, that also have import functions, this service imports from four platforms and services.

The ordering function is a nice addition but could be implemented better.

Cons of AllMyGames

Other than importing and adding, their batch features are cumbersome. They could also improve the provided statistics to be more relevant.

As a reminder, I reviewed the alpha version of AllMyGames. Hopefully, many of these issues will improve by the time it goes public and in fact, the app has improved tremendously since I first started using it.

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