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How to Organize Your Games With GOG

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Most tasks can feel daunting when we are about to start them. If you find your games collection unmanageable you might try first to organize your collection into more manageable chunks. I am going to show you how to organize your games with GOG. This functionality works on the website as well as in GOG Galaxy.

Accessing Your GOG Library

To access your GOG library, on the website under Account click on  Library. In GOG Galaxy, click on Library.

GOG Views

View As options

There are three views in GOG and GOG Galaxy: Grid and List, which is accessed.

List View displays a list of your game titles, the site rating, compatible systems, and the first assigned tag. GOG Galaxy will also display if the game is installed.

Grid View is a pictorial display of your game collection.

GOG Library in Grid View

The detailed view at GOG.com can be accessed by clicking on the game title or through the down arrow menu under View Downloads.

This detailed view displays all of the downloads for the game title as well as all assigned tags.

The detailed view in GOG Galaxy can be accessed by clicking on the game title, through the down arrow menu under Download Extras, or if the game is already installed on your system, click on the game title in the left sidebar.

This detailed view displays game activity and the latest news.

GOG Galaxy also has options for viewing your installed list of games: Large List and Compact List.

GOG Sort Options

GOG and GOG Galaxy has the following sort options: Title, Purchase Date, Tags Order, and Oldest or Newest First by release date.

GOG Galaxy also has options for sorting your installed list of games: by name or last activity.

Assigning Tags to Your Games With GOG

Assign Tags to Your GOG games

To assign tags to a game click on the down arrow, which appears when you hover over a game, hover over Assign Tags… and then check the tags you want to assign to the game.

To remove a tag, repeat the above instructions but uncheck the tag(s) you want to remove.

Managing Tags in GOG and GOG Galaxy

To manage your tags, click on the Manage Tags option under the Assign Tags menu or Tags filter. You can also get to the tags manager through Settings > Tags.


From the Tags Manager, you can add new tags, edit or remove tags, and reorder existing tags.

Filtering Games in Your GOG Library

GOG has five categories that can be filtered: Genre, System, Language, Features, and Tags, as well as a search feature.

You can select multiple filters in each category as well as multiple categories.

Selecting multiple filters in a single category uses the OR operation, widening the search results. While selecting filters under multiple categories uses the AND operation, narrowing the search results.

Additional Tips

  • GOG Galaxy automatically filters by system.
  • At GOG.com, once in the detailed view, you can click on any game you can see to view their detailed view.
  • You can also hide games in your GOG library.

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