How To Organize Your Games With How Long To Beat

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What is How Long To Beat?

How Long To Beat is a  game tracking website that compares your game times to other players’. How Long To Beat uses three metrics for the time a game takes to complete: Main Story, Main Story and Extras, and Completionist. They also offer a combined time. The accuracy of these times is determined by the site’s users.

Adding Games to How Long To Beat

How Long To Beat allows you to import your Steam games. This can be done from the Settings page.

To add other games, do a search or click the orange “Add” button above your game collection.

You can add your games under six headings: Playing, Backlog, Replays, Custom, Completed, and Retired. You can name up to three Custom headings under the Settings page.

Sorting and Filtering How Long To Beat

Once you’ve added your games, you can sort them by how long they take to beat as well as your progress. You can sort alphabetically, by release date, by your completion date, by your progress, by platform, by other gamers’ time to beat, and by game rating.

You can filter your game collection by title and/or platform.

To find short games: Set “Sort Options” to “Time – To Beat” and then click “Normal” to reverse the order from descending to ascending.

Tracking Progress on How Long To Beat

You can add your personal game time or track your game time with How Long To Beat.

To add game time, click the pencil icon next to the game in your collection.

To add game time manually for a completed game, expand Single-Player Times and input your time in the boxes for one or all of the three metrics, and then click “Edit” to save the changes. To add game time manually for a game in progress, add your game time under “Add Manual Time” and then click “Add”, and then click “Edit” to save the changes.

To track your game time with How Long To Beat, click “Start” on the Progress Timer and then play your game. When you finish click “Stop” and “Add”, to add the time to your current progress and then “Edit” to save the changes.

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