How to Organize Your Games With Steam

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Most tasks can feel daunting when we are about to start them. If you find your games collection unmanageable you might try first to organize your collection into more manageable chunks. I am going to show you how to organize your games with the Steam client.

Steam Library Views

Steam library View buttons

First, there are three views in Steam: Detail View, List View, and Grid View. To switch between views you can use the buttons located in the upper right corner of the library in that order or select them from the View menu.

Example of the Steam Library’s Detail View

Details View displays two panes with the left pane listing the titles of all the games in your library and the right pane contains a detailed view of a specific game in your collection.

From here you can see friends who also play the game, achievements you’ve unlocked, dlc you have installed, featured Steam Workshop mods, recent news, screenshots you’ve taken in the game, and visit its store page or community hub.

List View displays a list of your game titles with sortable columns like the game’s metascore, developer, the last time you played the game, whether it uses Steam cloud, and the game’s status: not installed, update required, updating, downloading, installing, or ready to play.

Right-clicking on the column headers or using the + button to the right allows you to add or remove columns from the display.

Although, the columns are sortable, they will only sort within a given category.

Grid View is a pictorial display of your game collection. It has a zoom option that lets you set how large the images for each title are.

Categorizing Your Games With Steam

By default your games are placed in a Games category. The only other default category is Favorites. The Favorites category is displayed above all other categories.

To add a game to Favorites, right-click on the title of the game and click on “Add to Favorites” – this works in any view. In List View, you can also click on the 🌟 star beside the game title, if the Favorites column is displayed.

Set Categories

You can also create your own categories in Steam. To add a  custom category, right-click on the game title and click on “Set Categories…”.  In Details View you can also click “Change categories…” under the Categories heading.

This will bring up a dialog box where you can see a list all of your custom categories and enter the name of your new category. Hit “ADD CATEGORY” and your game will be added to your new category.

To remove a game from Favorites, right-click on the game title and click “Remove from Favorites” or click the 🌟 star again in List View.

To remove a game from a custom category, in the Category dialog box uncheck the box next to the category you want to remove the game from.

To remove a custom category from Steam, just remove all the games under that category and the category itself will disappear.

You can also hide games in your library by adding them to the Hidden category. Games in the Hidden category can only be seen when the Hidden category is selected as a filter option, even if they are under other categories – they aren’t even counted in the total.

Filtering Games in Your Steam Library

There are two ways to filter games in your Steam Library, categories and search.

To search your library, enter text into the search box located above your list of games in any view. You will get results for titles and categories that match your search term. To clear a search click the x next to the box.

You can also filter your games by a specific category. To select a filter category, click on the category beside the search box (default Games). A menu will appear displaying a list of all possible categories, click on one and it will display only the games in that category.

Selecting Recent will display all games by their last played date, most recent at the top and groups them by days, months, etc.

Selecting Installed will show only games that are installed and are grouped by Favorites and custom categories.

This is where you would locate your Hidden games if you wanted to see them again. If you want greater ability to restrict certain content use Family View.

Using Family View

Family View can be used to restrict access to content and features while in a PIN-protected environment.

You can access Family View settings from your Steam Account Details view.

To enable Family View,  select the content that is allowed in Family View, then activate a four-digit PIN.

To enter and exit Family View, click the icon at the top of the Steam client’s main window, then enter your PIN.

Family View on
Family View off

Any items added to your library will automatically be excluded from access until you add them. To add or remove an item from Family View, either return to these settings or right-click on a title and opt to add or remove it from the list of Family games.

To disable Family View, return to Family View settings and click Disable Family View.

More Steam Library Tips

  • You can set games to multiple categories.
  • You can select multiple games at once with the shift and ctrl keys.
  • The Details Page lists all of the categories a game is under.
  • The + and – in front of a category heading expands or collapses the category. Right-click on a category heading to expand or collapse all categories.
  • You can add non-Steam games to your Steam Library from the Games menu and organize them just like Steam games

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