How to Use Manual Sorting with Grouvee

Game Backlog Trackers is a website where you can catalogue, review, and organize your video game collection by adding games to virtual shelves. In a previous article, I went through a number of its features. Here I am going to explain how to use the manual sorting feature on Grouvee.

How to Enable Manual Sorting with Grouvee

Manual sorting in Grouvee is a shelf specific feature, you enable it one shelf at a time. To enable the feature for a specific shelf click the green “enable sorting” link below the shelf title. The link will turn red and read “disable sorting”; you can click this to disable the manual sorting — it will remove any manual sorting already done.

How to Manually Sort a Shelf with Grouvee

Once you have enabled manual sorting, numbered text boxes will appear beside the game titles. Hovering over the boxes will reveal an up arrow and a down arrow. You can use the arrows or type in the text box to change the ordering of a single game title. This type of sorting is most useful for your backlog shelf.

The up arrow increases the position of the game title in the list, moving it down the list, while the down arrow does the opposite. When moving a game title closer to the top of the list, it will displace the item previously at that position, moving it closer to the bottom. You will have to click somewhere else on the page for the changes to take effect.

You can also use manually sorting to keep the games of a shelf sorted in a specific order. For example, you might want to sort a shelf by the order you want to play them.

Do you find this sorting feature helpful? How do you use the sorting feature?

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