How To Use TrueGaming To Beat Your Backlog

Game Backlog Trackers

If you like unlocking achievements and need help setting and accomplishing short-term goals for beating your game backlog TrueGaming is a valuable tool. These sites allow you to create to-do lists, create goals, create game sessions for completing multi-player achievements, and get help from other users.

What is TrueGaming?

TrueGaming is a network of sites that track your achievements on PSN (TrueTrophies), Steam (TrueSteamAchievements), and Xbox Live (TrueAchievements).  Their name comes from the system they use to regulate the GamerScores of achievements so that difficult ones have a higher value.

Why Use TrueGraming?

TrueGaming has several features that can help you beat your backlog: Trophy Case, Easy Achievements, ToDo List, Goals, and Game Sessions. TrueGaming also keeps track of your collection, if your game collection is on one of the three platforms it supports, however they are on their own sites.

My Trophy Case on TrueSteamAchievements. Displays thumbnails for 10 games in a 4 by 3 grid.
My Trophy Case on TrueSteamAchievements

The Trophy Case holds your biggest achievements: games completed, hardest achievements, etc. Add whatever makes you proud and keeps you motivated. 

Easy Achievements finds easy achievements for you to complete quickly. The ToDo List helps you set priorities. The Goals feature sets a deadline for a task or creates a competition with another user.

Determine Difficulty With TrueGaming

The TrueAchievement Ratio is a number representing how rarely an achievement is completed, which correlates to its difficulty. The higher the number the more difficult the achievement.

Easy1 – 1.5
Medium1.5 – 2.5
Hard2.5 – 4
Very Hard> 4

Every game and achievement on TrueGaming has been rated this way. You can use this to rank your game collection from the easiest game to the most difficult game. TrueGaming also lists the achievements you have not won by this ratio. These are your Easy achievements. You can use this if you want an easy achievement to complete.

Want to find easy and short games in your backlog? Use this spreadsheet to organize your game backlog by difficulty and length, and help you decide what game to play next, for fast and easy completions.

My Gamer Goals on TrueSteamAchievements. 

Goal #1 A Completion Percentage of 41 by 31 Dec 2019. 17 Achievements left with 310 days to go.

Goal #2 A 21 Day Achievement  Streak. Current streak: 9 days.
My Gamer Goals on TrueSteamAchievements

Set Goals With TrueGaming

There are two ways you can set goals with TrueGaming. The To-Do list allows you to collect achievements you haven’t won from any game into a list. You can add them directly from the list, add them from the game’s achievement page, or from the Easy achievements page. You can even add random achievements based on their difficulty.

The second way, Goals, allows you to set up a competition with yourself or another gamer and set a deadline. You select the statistic TrueGaming will track for the goal. They can be as specific as targeting a specific game or achievement or as broad as targeting a score or completion percentage.

I use these two features to create monthly goals for myself.

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