How to Use TrueGaming to Set Short-Term Goals

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Lately, I have been using two features of TrueGaming to complete my monthly game backlog goals: the To-Do list and Goals.

I have written about how to use TrueGaming to beat your backlog before. Now, I am going to focus on two of their features and how you can use them together to create short-term goals.

The To-Do list helps you set priorities. The Goals feature sets a deadline for a task or creates a competition with another user.

How To Use To-Do Lists

The To-Do list allows you to collect achievements you haven’t won from any game into a list and order them, manually or by sort criteria. You can find your To-Do list on the sidebar of your homepage or from the My Links menu in the top navigation bar.

You can add achievements directly from the list, add them from the game’s achievement page (click on the ellipses in the game title bar to “Add remaining x Achievements to my To-Do list”), from the individual achievement page, or from the Easy achievements page. You can even add random achievements based on their difficulty. Free accounts can have up to 100 achievements on their To-Do list.

To sort achievements click on the Sort by drop down menu or click and drag the achievement into position.

When using achievements to your To-Do list, consider whether you want to try a bunch of different games, or focus on one specific game.

TrueGaming calculates the number of achievements on your To-Do list as well as the TA, TSA, or TT score of all of the achievements. You can find this in the text at the top of the list. We’re going to use one of these numbers to create a Goal.

How To Use Goals

Goals allow you to set up a competition with yourself or another gamer and set a deadline. You select the statistic TrueGaming will track for the goal. They can be as specific as targeting a specific game or achievement or as broad as targeting a score or completion percentage.

Goals can be found on your homepage top navigation or the My Links menu. When you create or complete a Goal, the achievement is listed on your timeline. Free accounts can have up to three active Goals.

For our purposes, we are going to create a personal goal for either achievements/trophies won or achievements/trophies score with a deadline for the first of the month following the challenge. (The Goal’s deadline will actually be at the end of the challenge month.) When you create the Goal, TrueGaming tells you your current score, add your To-Do list score to that number and enter it into the Goal value box.

And that’s it!

Why I Like This Method

This method gives me achievements/trophies that I can work towards. These are extremely focused goals. But it also gives me flexibility, because the Goal doesn’t care which achievements/trophies I actually earn. And any achievements/trophies I don’t finish can be transferred to the next month’s challenge.

This also does really well with SMART.

Is it specific? Yes, by choosing specific achievements/trophies.

Is it measurable? Yes. TrueGaming is tracking your progress.

Is it achievable? Yes. Achievements/trophies are generally designed to be achievable (it’s in the name 😉). TrueGaming allows you to see how many other gamers have unlocked the achievement/trophy and assigned it a ratio that correlates to difficulty.

Is it realistic? Yes. Depending on the achievements/trophies you choose you might not complete your To-Do list, but it is still realistic as long as you complete something. ⭐

Is it timely? Yes, you have set a deadline.

Have you tried this method? Do you like it? What types of gaming goals do you like to set? Let me know in the comments.

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