Is Your Game Backlog Too Big?

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Do you have a stack of console game discs in your closet? Is your PlayStation or Xbox hard drive running out of space? Do you look forward to and/or dread Humble Bundle and Steam sales? Is the time it will take you to complete your Steam library comparable to a space voyage?

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Do You Want To Clear Out Your Game Backlog?

I do too. My Game Backlog Progress is a journal of my quest to play through my game backlog. Its mission is to help me and others suffering frustration over their game backlog with helpful tips and success stories.

I want to stay motivated to play through my game collection and provide encouragement to anyone suffering from game backlog frustration and inspire them to tackle their own game backlog.

… But Don’t Know Where To Start?

At My Game Backlog Progress, I have written a series of articles describing the steps I took to get organized and tackle my own game backlog. These game backlog tips cover tracking your collection to tracking your game time. I also provide gameplay videos and guides for some of the games I have played.

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