Jade Empire Review

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Jade Empire provides a fun combat experience but is all about social encounters.

Title: Jade Empire
Platform: Xbox
Where to buy: eBay
How Long To Beat: 23 hours (HLTB 16 to 30 hours)
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I enjoyed Jade Empire, especially the combat, so much so that I increased the difficulty for some fights. The fighting was very fluid. One frustration I had, however, was when switching fighting styles. Maybe my d-pad was broken because I had a lot of trouble switching to the style I wanted. This made the final battle disappointing even though I won.

The combat was still my favourite part of the game. Unfortunately, it is only a small part if you are going for completion. A lot of the gameplay focuses on social encounters. About half-way through chapter three, I stopped doing side quests and talking to my followers. The rest of the game flew by, though there are fewer side quests in the later chapters anyway.

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