193 unfinished games (61.5%), 29 beaten games (9.2%), and 92 completed games (29.3%) as of June 2020.

June 2020 Quarterly Breakdown

My Game Backlog Progress

A quarterly review of my game backlog progress for June 2020. I made great progress in completing games but increased my backlog overall.

193 unfinished games (61.5%), 29 beaten games (9.2%), and 92 completed games (29.3%) as of June 2020.
193 unfinished games (61.5%), 29 beaten games (9.2%), and 92 completed games (29.3%) as of June 2020.

Progress since last quarter

Since March 2020 I beat two games: The Stanley Parable (two achievements left) and The Sims 4 (completed a Rags to Riches challenge).

I added 15 new games to my backlog and readded three: AER: Memories of Old, Anodyne, The Beatles: Rock Band, Borderlands: The Pre-SequelBorderlands 2CrashlandsGone HomeGrand Theft Auto V, JourneyKinect Adventures, Lips, Night in the Woods, Pathway, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and PunishmentsSludge Life, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (3).

Unfinished games: 193 (⬆15)
Beaten games: 29 (–)
Completed games: 92 (–)

2020 Breakdown

5 Games Completed + 7 Games Beat – 29 New Games

= – 17

I have beaten or completed 12 games so far in 2020. Unfortunately, I’m still not doing a great job of stopping my backlog from growing, by adding 18 games to it.

Yearly progress – Total games completed

Games completed by June 2020: 92 (29.3%)
Games completed by June 2019: 68 (27.1%)
Games completed by June 2018: 58 (25.4%)
Games completed by June 2017: 48 (21.4%)
Games completed by June 2016: 32 (14.5%)

2 thoughts on “June 2020 Quarterly Breakdown

  1. The other day I decided I had to do something with my backlog and looking around for tips I came across this blog.
    Since I’m a bit of a tracking lover (I like tracking my books, my games, my goals… everything) I loved the format of this and ended up binge reading almost every post (except for reviews of games I’m not interested in) since the very beginning. I have found other blogs on the topic but it is rare to see one that has lasted so long without giving up so props for that. I’ll be following along from now on.
    My own backlog is somewhat more manageable. It is 80 games at the moment, but that is not counting the 17 or so games I have as ‘playing’ (aka I’ve started them but not beaten yet). I guess it doesn’t seem too bad but on the other hand I haven’t made any progress in years, I’ve just been adding games so I’ve decided it has to stop before it gets too crazy. On top of that a large percentage of those are +50h RPGs since I’m a big fan of the genre.
    Reading this blog has given me a lot of ideas and motivation so I’m now playing some of the shorter games in my backlog to get some easy wins while I keep slowly advancing on the longer games. I’ve also decided to stop buying games just because they are on sale, and only buy new games if I’m going to play them next, so only one game at a time. It’s working so far but we’ll see.
    Sorry about the long rambly post but I’m badatwords(TM) yet still wanted to let you know I’m reading this and enjoying it.
    Anyway, good luck to both of us!

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