Neighbours From Hell Review

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Neighbours From Hell is a strategy/puzzle game by JoWooD. You play Woody, a reality TV star who plays pranks on his neighbour.

Title: Neighbours From Hell and Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation
Platform: PC
Price: US$9.99 (retail — Neighbours From Hell 1 & 2)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
How long to beat: 6.25 and 7.5 hours, respectively
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟½

My Review of Neighbours From Hell

Although I find playing pranks on people is unnecessarily cruel, whether someone deserves it or not, Woody’s — the protagonist in Neighbours From Hell — enthusiasm was, at times, infectious and watching the neighbour succumb to them, humorous.

The game plays like a point-and-click adventure; Woody starts out each “episode” collecting items in the environment and then using them to “set-up” his pranks.

The neighbour gets electrocuted.
The neighbour gets electrocuted. GIF made with

The “trick” to the game is to set-up the pranks in a sequence to max out the neighbour’s anger, while not being seen by him. In Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation, this becomes more complicated, as Woody also has to evade the neighbour’s mother.

The difficulty level of Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation is increased in several other ways from Neighbours From Hell 1. The constant change of location — unlike Neighbours From Hell 1, which takes place at the neighbour’s residence only — and many pranks must be performed just to get some of the items needed to pull off others.

I enjoyed Neighbours From Hell 1, more than Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation because it was easier and also because the novelty had started to wear off.

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My Achievements from Neighbours From Hell

I was able to complete all episodes with a rating of Brilliant.

The ‘Golden Neighbour’ is yours!

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