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Oasis is a  puzzle-strategy game by Mind Control Software. You play a pharaoh of Egypt who must defend their kingdom against barbarians.

Title: Oasis
Platform: PC
Price: ~USD$6.00 on eBay

My Review of Oasis

I enjoyed this game very much. The only negative was that I got stuck on one level and could not complete it on the normal difficulty level and had to play subsequent levels at easy level.

In Oasis, you play a pharaoh of Egypt who must collect Glyphs of Power while defending their kingdom against barbarians. You do so by uncovering the tiles of the map to discover followers, cities, mines, the oasis, and the location of the barbarians’ cairn.

When you are out of turns for the scenario the barbarians attack your cities, starting with the closest. If any of your cities survive you win.

There are multiple strategies you can employ. You can try to defeat the barbarians with superior numbers by growing your cities by building roads between them and finding the follower camp in the desert. Or you can defeat the barbarians with superior technology. Adding followers to work the mines develops technology that gives your army an edge making defeating the barbarians easier.

However, you can’t always use either strategy. Some maps, for example, have no mines. In other maps, a city can be infected by a plague that will spread to other cities by road, hindering your growth.

You can also search your cities for treasure and advisors. Treasure gives your cities a combat bonus, but  also lure barbarians to them.

An advisor will join you for several scenarios and give you specific benefits based on their type, the alchemist increases the output of your mines, the architect increases the growth of your cities, the engineer allows you to build roads through mines, a scout partially lifts the fog around tiles that you have discovered, etc.

Each advisor can change your strategy based on their benefits.

There are three difficulty levels and eight campaigns to play through as well as a randomly generated series.

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Watch my Oasis video walkthrough

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