Geneforge Complete! Torchlight II Beat!

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I completed Geneforge and beat Torchlight II in October 2018 and I have started playing Fable II.

Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty
True Embermage
Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage

Geneforge Gameplay Videos (Incomplete)

These videos are of the first few maps I played with the Guardian. I didn’t finish the game with this character. I finished Genefore with a Shaper.

Geneforge 1 Crumbling Docks – Playthrough Part 1
Geneforge 1 – Abandoned Vale – Playthrough Part 2
Vakkiri – Geneforge 1 Playthrough Part 3
Bandit Woods and Ruined School – Geneforge 1 Playthrough Part 4

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