Progress in June 2020

My Game Backlog Progress

Good progress but no completions. I am playing Magic Duels, Grim Dawn, The Sims 4 and Surviving Mars.

Each month I review my progress through my game backlog. This helps me to stay motivated and allows me to make short-term goals.

Progress & Milestones

I am working on my goals for Hearthstone and the last achievement for Magic Duels. I’ve made some progress in Grim Dawn as well, but keep making new characters.


I bought a new desk chair with a lumbar pillow, which is greatly increasing my stamina for playing games.

I haven’t been interested in starting new games or finishing games I do start. So I’ve decided to change up the games I’m playing. Hopefully, that will be motivating. Here’s the revised list.

Backlog Changes

I bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality from I have added Night in the Woods and Anodyne from that bundle to my backlog but I won’t be adding most of them unless I play them. I also added the following free games from the Epic Games Store: AER: Memories of Old and Pathway. All totalled, that’s four new games added to my backlog this month.

What were your game backlog accomplishments this month? What commitments have you made for next month? Let me know in the comments.

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