Pros and Cons of Grouvee

Game Backlog Trackers is a website where you can catalogue, review, and organize your video game collection by adding games to virtual shelves. It uses the Giant Bomb database of games. For more information on how Grouvee works see How to organize your games with Grouvee.

To help you decide on what game backlog tracker you should use I am going to evaluate Grouvee’s features based on criteria as outlined in my article: Game Tracker Criteria To Beat Your Game Backlog.

Adding And Importing

Grouvee allows you to import your games from Steam and adding games manually is fairly easy as they have a ready-made database at Giant Bomb. Unfortunately, Grouvee does not import from any other sources and importing from Steam can be problematic, as it adds all games that were installed at least once, not just owned games. Also, games not in their database cannot be added through Grouvee. They can be added through Giant Bomb, but that requires moderation and could take time.

Pros: Imports from Steam, has a database of games, manual entry is not required.
Cons: Steam imports are indiscriminate, games not in their database cannot be added easily.

Score: 3/5

Sorting And Searching

Grouvee has one of the best categorizing features of the game backlog trackers because of its shelf system. You can create an infinite number of shelves for your games, allowing you to sort them any way you want. You can add games to multiple shelves. You can even “sticky” some of your custom shelves so they appear at the top of your shelf list. Grouvee is for people who like to be very organized because it has the most flexibility with sorting games.

Grouvee also has four fixed categories which for the most part are helpful. I would have preferred a “finished” category instead of a “played” category because that could be confusing.

You can do a title search of Grouvee’s entire database of games or just your own games, however, you can’t search a single shelf. You can filter individual shelves by platform, genre, and release date.

Pros: Grouvee has very flexible categorizing functions.
Cons: Some minor display issues due to a multitude of shelves.

Score: 5/5

Prioritizing Of Games

Each shelf can be sorted by title, my rating, avg. rating, platforms, release date, date added, and date finished. Normally, a shelf is sorted by date added. You can change that by clicking on the headers and then click the default sort button to make that the default sorting option for the shelf. If you want more control in the sort order you can enable manual sorting.

Pros: Individual shelves can be ordered in several different ways fairly easily
Cons: Manual sorting can be tedious

Score: 5/5

Game Progress Statistics

Grouvee can track hours spent at a game and will import this information for your Steam games when they are imported. You can also add hours spent and the date you finished a game manually. The player can use a game’s page to write more detailed notes if needed. Grouvee also has statistics on how long it took other users to complete the game. Average user times are displayed on the game’s page.

Pros: Users can add hours spent and the date when you complete the game, average user times are displayed on the game pages.
Cons: Time and dates must be added manually for the most part. There isn’t a way to track your time while playing.

Score: 2/5

Game Backlog Statistics

Grouvee doesn’t place much emphasis on backlog statistics. Any statistics it has are based solely on shelf contents. The contents of each shelf are shown numerically in parentheses after the shelf name. Therefore you can see how many games are on your Backlog shelf, for instance.

Grouvee also doesn’t have a Completed shelf. Fortunately, users can create one themselves. And using Grouvee’s export feature, users can create their own visual representations.

Pros: Displays count of shelves’ contents. Grouvee’s high level of customization allows users to track what they want.
Cons: No visual display. Low prominence.

Score: 2/5

Help & Encouragement

Grouvee has forums that allow users to connect with each other, create completion challenges, and earn forum badges for completed games. However, the forums are not completely focused on helping gamers completing their backlog so their use could be just as much a distraction as a help.

Pros: Forums and forum badges for completed games.
Cons: Unfocused discussion.

Score: 3/5


Grouvee’s strength lies in its organizational abilities, from its highly customizable shelves to its manual sorting. This strength can also bolster some of its weaker elements but not all. If you like to be really organized and don’t mind some extra work, Grouvee could be the game backlog tracker for you. However, if you need more active encouragement or prefer to see data represented visually you may want to look elsewhere for a game backlog tracker.

Total Score: 20 out of 30

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