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Pros and Cons of TrueGaming

Game Backlog Trackers

TrueGaming is a network of sites that track your achievements on PSN (TrueTrophies), Steam (TrueSteamAchievements), and Xbox Live (TrueAchievements). Their name comes from the system they use to regulate the GamerScores of achievements so that difficult ones have a higher value.

I evaluate TrueGaming’s features as outlined in my article: Game Tracker Criteria To Beat Your Game Backlog.

Adding And Importing

Each site automatically imports your collection after you connect your accounts. You can also add games manually fairly easily. Removing games from your collection that were automatically added is more tricky, which I describe in How to Manage Your Game Collection With TrueGaming. But overall it is easy to use.

However, the scope of each site is limited since each site focuses on a single family of platforms and only the newer consoles and games that have achievements. It is the only drawback of TrueGaming as a game collection app.

Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Separate sites for each family of consoles

Score: 4.5/5

Sorting And Searching

TrueSteamAchievements filter and view options

Because each site focuses on a single family of platforms and automatically imports them, they are already categorized by platform, release date, publisher, and genre, etc. You can categorize each game further by ownership status, media type and play status. Fortunately, these categories should be useful for most users, since TrueGaming does not give any customize options.

Only game titles can be searched, but there are many filter options.

Pros: Pre-categorized in many useful categories, some flexibility
Cons: No customizable options, minimal search

Score: 4/5

TrueGaming To Do List

Prioritizing Of Games

You can’t prioritize games with TrueGaming, instead, it has an achievements To-Do List. It also has the easy achievements feature that helps you find achievements that are easy to complete. You can even add random achievements to your to-do list. This is in fact TrueGaming’s best feature and I suggest that it is a must for anyone who is serious about clearing their backlog.

Pros: Many helpful features to allow you to decide what to play next
Cons: No backlog ordering

Score: 5/5

Game Progress Features

TrueGaming to keeps track of your game progress with achievements or trophies. It prominently shows the number of achievements you have won versus the game’s total and a completion percentage. Your time spent is another metric TrueGaming uses which it takes automatically from the platform. And upon completion, TrueGaming asks you to input your time spent, which is then displayed on the game page.

You can write game notes on TrueGaming, which seem to have no character limit. The game page displays these notes in full. Whether a game has notes or not is also displayed in the Game Collection view and hovering over the icon will display the note up to a number of characters. You can also write comments directly under anything on your activity feed.

Pros: Tracks achievements and trophies, allows for copious note taking.
Cons: Game notes somewhat buried.

Score: 4/5

Achievements won by gamer pie chart
Gamer TSA Ratio vs site average TSA Ratio graph

Backlog Statistics

TrueGaming has a lot of statistics but I find most of them have little relevance to clearing a game backlog. Since TrueGaming mostly collects statistics that revolve around their TrueAchievementScore. But I find the most interesting is the period summaries which give monthly and yearly summaries. The most helpful statistic is your game collection percentage, which shows the completion of all games in which you have at least one achievement or trophy.

Pros: Achievement completion percentage
Cons: Lots of irrelevant statistics

Score: 2/5

How to unlock I. See. You. achievement in Two Point Hospital but it’s blurred out.

Help & Encouragement

If you find competition encouraging then TrueGaming is great for you. TrueGaming has many leaderboards that allow you to climb the ranks against all of their users, you can even create your own. You can also create a private competition with a single gamer using the goals system. If you don’t like head-on interactions, you can create a personal goal.

TrueGaming provides forums and guides for gamers on their site to discuss solutions to completing achievements.

If you like showing off your success, you can use the trophy case to display your game and achievement completions.

Pros: Lots of helpful information and competitive encouragement.
Cons: Fewer systems of encouragement for non-competitive gamers.

Score: 4.5/5


TrueGaming is one of my favourite tools to help me clear my backlog. I use the goals and to-do lists frequently to set goals and plan my game time. I also use the achievement guides to help me when I am stuck. Unfortunately, it falls short in the backlog statistics, which I think are an important motivator in clearing a backlog. However, if you are a more competitive sort, their other features may make up for this lack.

Total Score: 24 out of 30

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