My Game Backlog Progress

Allison Morris

Greetings! I am Allison and I have been playing video games for over 20 years. One of the first games I was introduced to was Civilization II.

My Mission

I want to start going through my collection and complete the games I have before selling them. Hopefully I can provide motivation and encouragement to anyone else who may be in the same situation.

I have since played and bought many games but have actually finished very few.

But enough is enough. I can (and will!) finish the games in my collection. I have so many games that I haven’t even started and I want to play them – that’s why I bought them!

So I need a plan

My plan starts here. Step one is to create a list of the games I own. Step two is to track the progress I have made and the games I have completed. Step 3 is to set a schedule of when I am going to play which games. And finally Step 4 will be to play the games according to my schedule.

My progress so far

Visit my backloggery for the  most up-to-date status of my progress.


June 2018 Schedule

Since my last post I have completed the main story of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, so I will continue playing Uplink this month and start playing BloodRayne and Crazy Taxi. My goal for Uplink is to reach the highest hacker ranking. I missed the storyline quests, so I might do another playthrough afterwards. Once I finish Uplink, I will move on …

May 2018 Progress

I am close to beating Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, just one more level. I am also making progress in Uplink. I am the second highest ranked hacker and the top ranked that is still active. I missed the story line quests, so I am trying to get the highest hacker grade.