My Game Backlog Progress

Allison Morris


My Mission

My Game Backlog Progress is a journal of my quest to play through my game backlog. Its mission is to help me and others suffering frustration over their game backlog with helpful tips and success stories.

My Vision

I want to stay motivated to play through my game collection and provide encouragement to anyone suffering from game backlog frustration and inspire them to tackle their own game backlog.

I am Allison and I have been playing video games for over 20 years. One of the first games I was introduced to was Civilization II.

I have since played and bought many games but have actually finished very few.

But enough is enough. I can (and will!) finish the games in my collection. I have so many games that I haven’t even started and I want to play them – that’s why I bought them!

So I need a plan

My plan starts here. Step one is to create a list of the games I own. Step two is to track the progress I have made and the games I have completed. Step 3 is to set a schedule of when I am going to play which games. And finally Step 4 will be to play the games according to my schedule.

My progress so far

Visit my backloggery for the  most up-to-date status of my progress.